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Telephoning in English - Part 1

Telephone conversations usually follow a basic pattern 電話会話は通常、基本パターンに従います

Denise: Good morning, ABC Company. Denise Smith speaking. How may I help you? Yuki: Yes. This is Yuki Yamada from XYZ Industries. May I speak to Andre Gordon please? Denise: I'll see if he is available. One moment please... I'm sorry, but he is in a meeting at the moment. Would you like to leave a message? Yuki: Could you please tell him that Yuki Yamada from XYZ Industries called? Denise: Okay. I'll let him know you called. Yuki: Thank you and have a nice day. Stages

1. Company A answers the phone

挨拶+ 会社の名前+受付の人の名前+May I help you/ How may I help you? Good morning/ afternoon/ evening, ABC Company, Kei Ishikawa speaking. May I help you?

2. Caller makes a request

自己紹介+頼む 自己紹介: This is (Tracy-ann Brown) from XYZ Company / (Tracy-ann Brown) speaking 頼む: May I speak to (Andre Gordon), please? / Can you put me through to (Andre Gordon) please? / May I speak to someone in the (accounts department), please?

3. Company A

asks for the caller’s name - May I ask who is calling? / Who is calling please?

checks availability - I'll see if she's available/ I'll see if he is in. One moment please.

connects you if the person is available - ​I'll put you through

If the person is not available ...

I'm afraid he/ she is not available at the moment

I'm sorry, but he/ she's (in a meeting / away from his desk/ on another line)

+ Would you like to leave a message?

4. Caller leaves a message

· Could you ask him to call me back please?

· ​Please tell him that (I'll call again/ I called)

5. The call ends

Company A: Ok. I'll let him know you called. / I'll give (Mr. Gordon) your message Caller: Thank you/ Thank you very much + Have a nice day



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